Mental healthcare for modern teams

Amigo offers employee well-being plans that are designed to be flexible to your team's unique needs.

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When people thrive, you grow

Organizations grow when it's people are empowered to grow and thrive.
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    Boost Productivity
    Improved performance
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    Reduce Attrition
    Higher job satisfaction
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    Attract Talent
    Find the best hires

Real people, real results

Amigo offers personalized care that is clinically backed and culturally inclusive.
  • <1 day wait
    Less than 1 day average time to first available 1-on-1 session.
  • >80% impact
    Over 80% of members claim positive impact on their well-being.
  • 10+ languages
    Amigo providers offer care in 10+ languages.

We focus on a 360° approach

Our comprehensive care plans come with flexibilty and personalisation based on your needs.

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    Coaching and therapy

    Connect members with the best quality coaches and therapists.

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    Trainings and workshops

    Live workshops that cover topics that the teams care most about.

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    Group sessions & care

    Foster a support network through live, expert-led group sessions and discussions.

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    Digital tools and resources

    Self-care tools, exercises and meditations to build healthy lifestyle and habits.

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    Interactive challenges

    A 21-day Digital Wellness Challenge and other engaging activities for teams.

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    Workplace climate check

    Helps employers to understand the state of well-being and develop policies accordingly.

Seek help for what

Our wellbeing is tied to all aspects of our lives.
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    Depression, Anxiety
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    Burnout, Procrastination
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    Breakup, Family
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    Physical Health
    Sleep, Apetite or Diet
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    Budgeting, Future Plans


I had never taken therapy before and am glad that I chose Amigo for my first time seeking help. I see so many changes in how I think, act and respond in life.
Anoop Singh, Growth Associate
I appreciate how good the expert was at helping me identify the root cause of issues and providing guidance. I’ve seen immense growth as a person.
Karina Kshetry, Supply Chain Management
I had tried many services in the past but couldn't go ahead. It took so much time to access other services. Amigo had everything I needed.
Pranjal Rathore, IT Professional

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