Our Services

Amigo focuses on a 360° approach to well-being. Our plans are customized by creating combinations of services based on our member's needs.

One-on-One Care

By using clinically-backed assessments, we match members with a professional, and they can access support through live video sessions and secure messaging.

Training and Workshops

We facilitate live in-person as well as online training and workshops on various topics that are related to organizational well-being.

Group or Community-based Care

Employees can join our weekly or bi-weekly group sessions and connect privately with a support network of people undergoing similar stressors.

Digital Well-being Resources

Members are provided with a "Well-being Resource Library" that compiles verified information, audio, videos, meditations, worksheets and journals.

Interactive Challenges

Improve engagement through interactive team bonding events like a "21 Days Digital Wellness Challenge".

Workplace Climate Analysis

Quarterly or Half-yearly Climate Check Reports provide detailed insights towards the state of well-being in the company.

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